The Dark Knight Slot Review

Slots have to be some of the most popular games there are at online casinos in Ireland. As well as enjoying all that casinos have to offer, many players are fans of some of the biggest film titles out there. That’s why game providers like to combine the two. If this sounds a little like you, then you should enjoy playing the Dark Knight slot. 

When playing the Dark Knight, you are hoping to land one of the four progressive jackpots. These wins can be life-changing. But even if you don’t manage to win one of these, playing at the best Dark Knight casinos will see you landing some great casino bonuses. Read on to learn all about Dark Knight and what makes it such a great slot. 

How to play

The Dark Knight slot’s layout will look familiar to anyone who usually plays online slots. There are five reels, which is pretty standard when it comes to these kinds of games. Where things are a little different, though, is when you take a look at the paylines. Rather than the usual nine or even 20, the Dark Knight has a whopping 243 ways to win. This is something Microgaming is well known for as it adds an extra level of interest when playing. Who doesn’t want more ways to win?

Whichever Dark Knight sites you choose to play at, you will find the game is relatively simple to play. Once you have chosen your bet level, all you need to do is spin. You’re hoping to match at least three symbols, as this is how you start to win. Your wins will increase the more symbols you match. 

Gameplay, RTP and variance

The Dark Knight slot offers the very best in gameplay, especially for those who are fans of the film of the same name. If you recall the 2008 Hollywood masterpiece, then you’ll enjoy seeing it come to life through your screen. There are even clips from the film after every win.

Before you start playing at Dark Knight casinos, you will want to know about the return to player (RTP). The Dark Knight slot comes with an RTP of 96.43%. When it comes to variance, the Dark Knight has high volatility. This means that you may not see a great number of wins, but when they do come they may have been worth waiting for.

Bonus features

When players are looking for the best slots, they like to see games which are packed full of bonus features. They love nothing more than winning free spins and playing bonus rounds. The Dark Knight doesn’t disappoint. There are a whole host of bonus features such as:

The jackpot

The jackpot is awarded at random while playing. There are four of these and they are progressive jackpots, meaning they can run into millions of euros.


With Super Stacked Wilds, Rolling Reels, Extra Blast Wilds and Heat Seeking Wilds, there is plenty going on.

Batman-Joker cash

As the two main characters in the Dark Knight, you’d expect their appearance to be a good thing. Well, you would be right. When either of these shows up you begin to unlock prizes including cash rewards.

Free spins accumulator

The Dark Knight slot has lots to offer in terms of free spins. Once you’ve landed these, multipliers keep giving you even more to play with.


Dark Knight sites allow players to enjoy this game on desktop sites and on mobile devices. Microgaming, the developer behind the game, has done a fantastic job in making this slot compatible with mobiles. The more games that become mobile-friendly, the bigger mobile casinos will grow.

You won’t see any difference when comparing the mobile slot version to the desktop version. You can play directly through your mobile browser, or even through a dedicated app. 

Design, sound and graphics

The great thing about the Dark Knight slot is that it is a fully authorised game. Rather than trying to make a slot which appears a little like Batman, Microgaming purchased the rights and went full in. The result is a game that looks and plays amazingly well.

There is also the soundtrack to consider. The music is a little on the moody side and recreates the feel of the movie. The best part is when a player wins. Celebrations see clips from the film, which is a really nice touch. 


When you play at the best Dark Knight casinos, you’ll soon realise this slot is nothing short of amazing. Microgaming has created a slot which takes a slice of Hollywood and adds it to an online casino. If you are a fan of Batman, you will thoroughly enjoy playing. Even if the Dark Knight isn’t a film you’ve seen, there is still plenty to enjoy with the slot itself. There are great graphics, amazing gameplay and the four progressive jackpots up for grabs.


What is a progressive jackpot?

Slots like the Dark Knight feature jackpots that continue to grow. Every time a wager is made, part of this is added to the jackpot. This keeps growing until somebody wins. 

Where can I get Dark Knight bonuses?

The casinos we recommend have some great Dark Knight slot bonuses to claim. You can be rewarded with a whole host of bonuses, including free spins, by signing up.